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Sin Yen Fatt Enterprise Sdn Bhd in Bukit Mertajam is a business founded by Justin Lim in year 1991. The company is in the business of textile printing and started with just ten staff in Jawi. At that time, the company's manufacturing of textile printing is done manually.

Four years later in 1995, business grew and Justin was able to afford the use of machine for its textile printing. The manufacturing was able to meet higher demands for the National Flag, Jalur Gemilang, state flags and political party flags that has become the main products of the manufacturing company. With the use of machines, demands were met with ease and soon the company was on the path for further expansion. When the business expanded, the facility in Jawi could no longer cope with the demand capacity, and Justin decided to move to the existing plant in Machang Bubok.


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